Indians are known to be masters of Jugaad. Just in case you didn’t know, Jugaad is also known as (or explained to non-Indians) as Frugal Innovation. That is, simple low-cost fixes. Please note that Jugaad is a concept and can be used in the case of a mechanical contraption as well as a political solution – just that jugaad has to be a quick fix, with little of no cost. There is a certain school of thought which believes that jugaad is always a short-term fix.

Outside of business schools and self-help books, the word jugaad is used to signify imagination or creativity to make existing things work (or work better) or to create new things with limited resources.

Jugaad is not a concept limited to India. The American version of a jugaad is a “hack.” Though “hack” as a concept has existed for a long time awareness for jugaad has seen a sudden rise in recent times in India. So much so that the jugaad mindset is being associated with the Indians.

Some believe that jugaad is a curse brought on the Indians, thanks to our huge population but bad infrastructural support and income distribution. They believe that the Indian “Jugaad” spirit is not something to be proud of because our ability to go for the jugaad will never allow us to build globally scalable products of high quality.

These non-believers say that for a small time entrepreneur living in a village with limited financial & physical resources jugaad makes sense but not for the country as a whole.

Checkout Best examples of Indian Jugaad below:


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