Kristen Hadeed on pursuing one’s passion

In this TED video, Kristen Hadeed talks about pursuing one’s passion in life. Kristen Hadeed believes that childlike sense of curiosity sparks creativity, which then leads to new experiences and makes one to think outside-the-box. Why should you be listening to Kristen Hadeed’s talk? Because as this young entrepreneur had it all figured out before her […]

Daniel Epstein on Entrepreneurship

In this video, Daniel Epstein urges everyone to feel motivated by unfortunate circumstances of all sorts. Daniel Epstein strongly believes that one needs to create solutions solutions for change instead of being intimidated by social issues. How did Daniel Epstein get so much confidence? Thats because Daniel has been entrepreneur almost all his life and sees […]

Video: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s six rules for success

In this video, Arnold Schwarzenegger is giving his now popular 2009 graduation speech titled Six rules of Success at University of Southern California (USC). Arnold Schwarzenegger’s six rules for success are a must know for somebody looking for motivation. Just because Arnold Schwarzenegger is a sporting and a movie icon, it would be unfair to […]

Alan Deutschman on making lasting changes

Alan Deutschman, author of bestselling book “Change or Die” shares why people find it difficult to change, both at work and in their lives. Alan Deutschman in this video speaks on how changing an individual’s poor behavior can bring about the change within the organization, while improving the business growth. Alan Deutschman also talks about three key […]

John Kotter on creating urgency within organizations

Teacher of High Potentials Leadership Program at the Harvard Business School, John Kotter is known for his theories on change and urgency. In this must watch video, John Kotten urges everyone to create a sense of urgency within their organizations. This John Kotter video explains that implementing change within the organization will boost the morale and […]