An effective manager needs to have some key traits. Failing to have them will lead to low team performance and affect the company’s growth. …in turn making the manager a failure. So what are the six traits every manager needs to be successful? Here goes:


As an employee one might have great individual performance, but to become a great manager you should be able to inspire trust, delegate responsibility and provide directions. Without proving these three tasks a company won’t make you a leader. This can be learned over a period of time. A successful manager is one who makes their team work better and meritoriously.


The vision of the organization should be deciphered effectively by the manager to the employees so that the productivity is maintained.  To make this smooth, the manager should have effective communication skills which is very important. Ineffective communication will only lead to multiple problems in the future.


The ability to adapt is every successful manager’s key skill. If a manager is able to adapt to any situation that was not anticipated with an ability to think creatively,  then the entire team will be in the path of success.

Develop team member’s skills

Any leader is a motivator who cultivates talents. A leader should make sure he shares his/her gained knowledge with his/her team and make improvements with each team member.  This will increase the team productivity.

Understanding networking

In today’s scenario every manager should understand the importance of networking.  Establishing good relationship within the employees and the clients is a must for every manager.  When employees feel valued their efforts too will increase. This will help the managers to show empathy and trust within the team.  As a leader knowing the team’s strong points and weak points will make them love you as a leader.

Development constantly

Adaptability and this go hand in hand. A manager should improve his/her silks with every single work he/she takes up.  One has to be true to oneself, find the flaws within and solve it as soon as possible. A manager who never improves oneself can never adapt to the current market.