Natalie Warne is less than 25 years old – a youngster – and yet has managed to get the whole World’s focus on the Invisible Children Project. The Invisible Children Project was a initiative to rescue suffering children from the clutches of Joseph Kony’s child armies in Uganda.

As a 18 year old youngster, Natalie Warne worked as an intern with Invisible Children and thanks to her efforts the Project got international attention in a short period. Natalie Warne even managed to get the “Invisible Children” on the Oprah Winfrey Show thus reaching every household in America.

The foundation of Natalie Warne’s amazing TED speech on how youngsters can change the World, is her own experience with the Invisible Children.

Natalie Warne says if young people stay motivated and focused on their goals, they can achieve anything they set out to do. Natalie Warne goes on to explain that no one is too young to influence change in the world if they have the determination. You can also follow Natalie Warne on Twitter