Stress is never a good thing, especially when you feel overwhelmed by it. So how does one stay cool during crisis?

Not all stress is negative and bad for us. Recent research has revealed that short flashes of extreme stress actually does us some good. These short periods of stress have shown to keep us alert and help us adapt to new situations! However, chronic stress can be a disaster. Here are five ways that will help you when such situations actually crop up…..

Stay cool tip # 1: LOVE YOURSELF

Remember that one has little or almost no control over the events of a day, but we can control what we think about. Always choose to focus on the positive aspect no matter what. Doing so will help us be in control and not lose our steam in stressful situations. Never spend a lot of your precious time and energy worrying about what others think of them as you can never really control them.

Stay cool tip # 2: BE GRATEFUL FOR LIFE

Always remember that you are blessed. You will realize this once you look upon all the positive aspects of your life and every situation. Make sure you always remind yourself of the things you are thankful for.

Stay cool tip # 3: TAKE A BREAK

If you are available 24/7, you will be disturbed 24/7.  Use technology to make your life easier however it is always smarter to detach yourself from it. This way you can take a small break to re-energize and clear your thoughts. Set aside some time for yourself and things that you love. Hobbies are your shortest route to escape stress.

Stay cool tip # 4: BUILD A BACK UP

Never put all your eggs in one basket. If you do, all you have is a bundle of stress. Create a well-planned support that you can count on to support through tough times. Be it solid family ties, acquaintances, or connections, make sure they can help you at all times. This would mean you need to start helping others and in turn you can be sure of their support.

Stay cool tip # 5: THINK BACK

Do you remember your most stressful situation so far? How did you manage it? Always keep in mind that all situations are short lived and are most grueling only for a short while. Most cases, years later will usually be resolved and forgotten about. Remember this and nothing can break your calm state of mind.