Handling stress better than how they are currently doing is something that everybody needs help on. Nothing ruins health, both physical and mental, like stress. Maybe your life is jam packed, but that doesn’t mean your mind has to be as well. Here are five tips on how to handle stress better and bring a wave of change in your stress-filled life.

Tip 1 to handle stress better: ONE AT A TIME

Task-switching does nothing but add stress. Make sure you give yourself to the task in hand. When you stop juggling between jobs, you cut the feeling that you need to quickly rush through it and get on to the next task. Tasks are never ending. So don’t ever think you can finish them all by doing all at once. In short, no multi tasking to handle stress better.

Tip 2 to handle stress better: ACCEPT CHAOS

Nothing grips our mind like fear. Fear is the basic root of all stress. Failure, acceptance, self-esteem, abandonment, are all the things that trigger fear and eventually stress. Let go of fear and it won’t control you. Accept situations and learn that chaos and uncertainty are a part of life. Believe that things will work out fine and you will be able to handle stress better.

Tip 3 to handle stress better: REALIZE THAT ALL ARE DIFFERENT

When wavelengths don’t match or expectations aren’t met, remember that everyone is unique and different. Learn to accept them as they are and understand that nothing much can be done to change them. Instead find a way to make all odds work. Once you accept that all are different, you will be able to maintain peace by handling stress better.

Tip 4 to handle stress better: WALK

Walk away from stress, meaning, when you feel your head is clammed, walk away from people and be with yourself. You will find solutions in a jiffy. Walk away from people and walk away from situations which lead you to stress, if you want to handle stress better.

Tip 5 to handle stress better: CULTIVATE HABITS

Yoga might seem too time consuming when you are stressed but a quick body scan (see how your body is feeling that moment) takes only 10 seconds. Pay attention to your breath for 30 seconds. You will find that you can review everything clamming your mind. Few things that help us is prioritizing work, reducing commitments by saying no to people, eating clean, and sleeping well. Learn to cope with stress without bad habits and you will feel refreshed!