According to surveys done by various organizations only 1 out of every 5 individual lives according to their creative potential. So what is stopping the other four? Answer is – “not implementing the habits of highly creative and imaginative people.”

We just need to identify these habits and bring it in as as part of our daily life. Once you succeed in doing this, you will also become highly creative and imaginative.

Creativity is the result of how you think and observe around you. If you are creative and imaginative you just end up having a better life because of your ability to get through tough situations – wherever these situations may be. At work or at home.

Creativity is not restricted to artists, sculptors or designers. It is in fact a skill some are born with. This is not to shut the door on learning creativity and imagination – research has proven that both can be learnt by proper training.

Here is a presentation on 10 Habits of highly creative and imaginative people, which you just can’t miss:

7 Habits of highly creative people is a book by Can Akdeniz, and if you haven’t read it…you should. Click here to buy 7 Habits of highly creative people from Amazon.

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