Want to pull off a better presentation / sales pitch next time? Won’t it be so boring for the audience and presenter itself if the presentation is old fashioned? In today’s world the presentation should be crisp and to the point.  This will freeze the audiences’ attention and hold them right in their chair.

Here are five presentation tips to make it a successful pitch.

Handover the Tablets

Projector is old, give them computer Tablets. If not for all just give them to only delegates or a potential customer. As different people want to focus on different aspects of the presentation giving them full access to the deck will make them involved.

Keep it brief

In this hi-tech world, the first 5-15 seconds are crucial. Even relationship decisions are made in 5-15 seconds today. So make the first impressions the best. The audience would have done their homework already. So use your sessions for questions and unique content only.

Let the audience get involved

Wait till the audience gets involved before you show your product. When tablets make the presentation interactive, regular tablet users and smartphone users will be already carrying something exactly like your proposal that you are yet to present.

Speaking style – everyone has their own

Trained speakers are like kings, but most of the market sectors and keynote speakers are required to have a relaxed – style of speech.  Identify the group of audience you are going to face beforehand and present your speech accordingly.

Eye contact

Choosing to focus on one audience is a bad idea. This will only make that particular person feel watched constantly even though it is not done intentionally.  Try not to make anyone uncomfortable and make eye contact with every corner of the audience.