Since everybody is looking for easy to implement tips on time management, here goes the list:

Plan it well

168 hours can be a lot of time if used correctly. Figure out where all this time goes, and you can get many things done. Smart folks plan their next day the night before. They chalk out what time they need to wake up, and schedule all their tasks. Having a schedule is the first tip on time management – it will keep you from going insane through a busy day.

Find out what works for you

Productivity apps won’t help you do more in less time. In short, they can’t make you productive. Smart people use apps to become productive but smarter people go the old fashioned way – they write it down with pen and paper. They feel it increased their commitment better than when using a cellular device. So figure out which gives you a feel of strong commitment. Writing or digital reminders.

Fix up priorities

Your time is limited so concentrating on priorities is the only way you can make things happen. You spend time on a task, you make progress. Even a little time spent will lead you somewhere! If you don’t prioritize there is no point on having even 100 tips on time management.

Small bits make it big

When you feel overwhelmed and want to give up. Breaking tasks down into smaller chunks is the best way to achieve more in the same time. Smart managers also feel that small steps make a big project easier to finish within the given time. You too can try this!

Use every bit of time

Learn to adjust. Every bit of time is valuable and never skip tasks if you feel you don’t have much time. Find something to do in every gap you get. This way you will actually be reducing your workload.

Rank your work

Prioritize your work and make a judgment call on what matters the most to you. That way you can both finish what is bothering you and what interests you within the time.

Take a break

Taking breaks in-between durations of hard work help people accomplish more. Be it a real task or something you want, you can get the dual advantage by taking a break from your chores and relaxing a bit.