Importance & benefits of Networking explained

Eighty percent of jobs are never advertised and instead filled through referrals. If this isn’t explain the importance and benefits of networking to you, let us try once again: > Networking helps get future business deals > Networking helps expose your personal brand > Networking helps build contacts > Networking helps meet like-minded people Unfortunately, […]

10 tips for successful brainstorming session

Alex Osborn, an advertising executive from Madison Avenue thought of “Brainstorming” first and published his thoughts in a book titled “Applied Imagination” in 1953. Brainstorming has come a long way since then. Corporates, creatives, technologists etc use brainstorming sessions to generate ideas, and to come up with creative solutions to issues at hand. Needless to […]

20 goal setting strategies that really work

Before we get into the goal setting strategies which really work and can change your life, it is important we share with you that goal setting is just one part of the process. The process also involves breaking these goals set into short-term and intermediate-term goals that will get you in the direction of the […]

Three step plan to become an innovator at work

Disruptive innovators think and behave differently. That is why people like Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson and Pierre Omidyar are in high demand. Innovation is all about mixing the fields and connecting the dots where others don’t see patterns. It is the innovators who push the boundaries of the known world – and this […]