John Kotter on creating urgency within organizations

Teacher of High Potentials Leadership Program at the Harvard Business School, John Kotter is known for his theories on change and urgency. In this must watch video, John Kotten urges everyone to create a sense of urgency within their organizations. This John Kotter video explains that implementing change within the organization will boost the morale and […]

Embrace your limitation and be limitless, says Artist Phil Hansen

In this inspirational speech, artist Phil Hansen says that it’s best to embrace your limitation and be limitless. Artist Phil Hansen feels that embracing your limitations with make people consider news means to produce or create. In this video, self taught artist Phil Hansen asserts that more than limitless thinking limited thinking will give the […]

What can we learn from Steve Jobs: Daniel Lyons talks

American writer and journalist Daniel Lyons lists down the lessons to be learned from none other than Steve Jobs. While focusing on the success of Apple, Daniel Lyons provides insight into the iconic innovator’s mind from an entirely new perspective. In this video, Daniel Lyons also shares that common sense is an important factor behind the success […]

Setting goals can increase efficiency, says Anthony Galie

Anthony Galie discusses a variety of simple changes one can make everyday can increase their motivation and efficiency. He explains most successful people from a wide range of industries today set goals every single day to maintain their motivation and determination to accomplish their goals. setting goals should be like doing exercise everyday.