Stress Management Tips

The early human beings didn’t have stress in their lives and hence didn’t have to worry about stress management. As our lives have become complicated, our need for stress management has increased manifold. Before we go into stress management, let us try and understand stress better. Stress is a normal psychological and physical reaction and […]

How to fight and manage fear

How do I manage or fight my fear is a natural question to ask so you don’t need to be ashamed that you are reading this article. Fear is an interesting emotion. It is one of those imagined emotions actually because fear almost always ends up being irrational. That is to say, fear almost always […]

Kristen Hadeed on pursuing one’s passion

In this TED video, Kristen Hadeed talks about pursuing one’s passion in life. Kristen Hadeed believes that childlike sense of curiosity sparks creativity, which then leads to new experiences and makes one to think outside-the-box. Why should you be listening to Kristen Hadeed’s talk? Because as this young entrepreneur had it all figured out before her […]

Habits of highly creative and imaginative people

According to surveys done by various organizations only 1 out of every 5 individual lives according to their creative potential. So what is stopping the other four? Answer is – “not implementing the habits of highly creative and imaginative people.” We just need to identify these habits and bring it in as as part of […]

Ego defined in simplest of terms

Egos can be dangerous. Almost always they interfere with success. Somebody with a big ego will never be able to succeed….of course this is different from the time when you succeed and then get a big ego. 😉 See above, Ego defined in simplest of terms. An amazing definition. This image was first posted here

Alan Deutschman on making lasting changes

Alan Deutschman, author of bestselling book “Change or Die” shares why people find it difficult to change, both at work and in their lives. Alan Deutschman in this video speaks on how changing an individual’s poor behavior can bring about the change within the organization, while improving the business growth. Alan Deutschman also talks about three key […]

How to handle stress better

Handling stress better than how they are currently doing is something that everybody needs help on. Nothing ruins health, both physical and mental, like stress. Maybe your life is jam packed, but that doesn’t mean your mind has to be as well. Here are five tips on how to handle stress better and bring a […]

How to stay cool during crisis

Stress is never a good thing, especially when you feel overwhelmed by it. So how does one stay cool during crisis? Not all stress is negative and bad for us. Recent research has revealed that short flashes of extreme stress actually does us some good. These short periods of stress have shown to keep us […]